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Commune of Sântimbru  has successfully applied to Measure 313 - Encouragement of tourism activities in the National Rural Development Programme, the project name is “Integrated Project: Development of tourism marketing in the village Sântimbru “.

We believe that the tourism potential of the region shows the prerequisites for implementation of initiatives in the field of cultural tourism, mountain, rural and agri-tourism.

The need for the project resulting from the lack of information about the various services offered ( no consistent information available online, the lack of brochures and other promotional materials). Another need is that the project is based on the low accessibility for the  tourist attractions in the area.

Investment opportunity lies in offering estethic solutions, innovative and informative support available in several languages, with a design for the specific area.

Investment contributes to the promotion of traditional local culture and local cultural and natural heritage.
To achieve the project purpose and for efficient use of community resources, Sântimbru village decided to promote investments following interrelated:
  1. Action no.1 : Local Tourism Information Center and Promotion ;
  2. Action no.2 : Tourist information panels ;
  3. Action no.3 : Promotional materials ;

Sights and activities


    The  commune of Sânsimion is located to the south of Sântimbru, in the south-western part of the Bazinul Ciucului de Jos. The commune, like all other settlements in the Ciuc region, received its name from the patron saint of the parish church that served manz villages, St. Simon the Apostole.

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    It has been important for us to keep our traditions and culture alive and flourishing by maintening our traditional folk craft. We can do this by allowing and encouraging interested parties to practice these crafts and make an affordable living out of what they so proudly     produce.

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